Door Decorations

Door decorations are often considered a very important part of home décor and this goes special during Christmas. You welcome your guests through the doors of your house and therefore it is very important to choose Door Decorations meticulously. Correct decorations for the door help in creating a long-lasting first impression among the guests. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that interior decoration is very important for a house. But at the same time it should also be kept in mind that exterior decoration possesses its very own importance and any decoration is incomplete without door decoration.

Decorating the Front Door of the House

The front door of your house is the most important among all the doors and therefore it is important to decorate the door exclusively by using various innovative and creative ideas. You can wrap the doors with glossy and colorful gift papers and this would render a very attractive appearance to the doors. You can even place giant bows above the doors in combination with stars and light bulbs of medium size. You can also use the combination of white and red ribbons can easily be folded and then pasted on the doors or they can even be adorned above the bow.

Door DecorationsUnique Door Decorations- Some Ideas

Some of the most unique door decorations that you can use are as follows:

Gift-Box Topiary

Pile up all the presents, over scale the boxes and wrap them in strong paper topped with ribbon. Perch all this on top of a footed urn to create a majestic topiary. You can easily take this idea a step or two further by lining the porch steps with small wrapped boxes and by stacking gifts in the form of columns at the side of the door. You can even stick tiny boxes of different sizes in order to form of wreath and then place it on the door.

Door Frames

This is an exclusive frame treatment that you can try. Get hold of a very old picture frame and then try transforming it into a festive door decoration serving as an alternative to wreaths. You can paint the frame in brilliant turquoise and cluster some ornaments. Make use of detailing and structural lines for creating visual depth. The effect can be amplified by hanging these door frames in vertical stack. Try keeping the frames identical to create a contemporary look. You can even choose to vary the shapes, sizes and colors according to your style.

Personal Welcome

This is a way of paying tribute to some of your favorite hobbies and crafts. Group yarn-covered balls in a kind of wreath with gray, wintry cream and blue tones. You can even go with greens and reds if you are fond of the traditional Christmas color patterns, even try out on white or bright blue.

Modern Greenery

Try freshening up Door Decorations by using contemporary elements. Green apples and pheasant feathers make for a very sophisticated front door decoration. Keep all the colors monochromatic and this will help you in rendering your door a modernized look.

Decorate the Step

Illuminate the walkway brightly and colorfully. You can use simple and elegant glass votives mixed together with sprigs of berries and greenery. This helps in casting a very gentle glow guiding guests to the door. You can set candles for rendering an unmistakably welcome tone. Candles look exotic and bewitching in snow. In case you live in a region with warm climate try to tuck shatterproof white and silver ornaments in the votives for creating an appearance of shimmering ice. You can even use shells, beach grasses and sand for creating a coastal setting.

Layered Look

Mix traditional themes and colors with certain unexpected touches. You can make use of bountiful bows, lush greenery and old-fashioned ice skates and mix them with twig trees and wooden clogs. This combinations feels slightly stylish and rustic and at the same time relaxed and homey. These are some of the best and the most exclusive door decorations that you can use for creating a great appearance. These are not very expensive and they would be of good help in creating that initial appeal.

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